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I Am a Music Teacher

I've been a music teacher for many years. (Let's just say it's more than 20 and leave it at that!) I'm passionate about music education. I'm passionate about providing the best experience for my young students, and I'm passionate about being the best teacher I can be. To that end, I love connecting with other teachers and hearing their stories. I value the input of caring parents and anyone else who recognizes the value of music in a child's development. I invite all people to participate in what I hope will be an ongoing, spirited discussion on this important topic. Together, we will grow and learn from one another if we communicate openly and often. All the better for the children of the world, I say!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I hope you will choose to do the same.

Where I'm from.

Water Street

Water Street, St. John's

I'm from Newfoundland and Labrador. It's the most easterly province in Canada, and music is truly at the core of our culture. On any given evening, you can take a stroll through downtown  St. John's (our capital city) and hear the most amazing live music of every genre streaming through the open windows of the beautiful old buildings that line the streets. If this photo  to the right had been taken later in the evening, you'd see all kinds of folks carrying a wide variety of instruments heading off in all directions to gigs and parties.

Where I've been.


Lisa singing in her jammie pants. Taichung, Taiwan

I spent a number of years teaching classroom music in public and private schools here in Newfoundland before moving to Asia in 2004. I taught ESL in Taichung, Taiwan for three years and classroom music in Bangkok, Thailand for one year. What an experience ! This is me singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" with the kindergarten kids on Pajama Day. I'm thinking I was on the "If you're sad and you know it..." verse when they took this shot!

Where I am now.

I returned to Canada in 2009 and started my own music school called The Munchkin Music Factory. I've written all the curriculum and classroom songs for my beloved young students. Writing children's songs and testing them out on the little people is my favourite thing to do! Brutal honesty. All the time.

Like most music teachers, I do all sorts of cool things outside my regular work day. I'm a founding member of an amazing, award-winning ladies choir called Lady Cove and a super-fun, fairly new trio called Trinity.


I'm seventh from the right in the back row of the Lady Cove picture, and that's me playing the guitar in the Trinity shot. The fourth "trio" member is Katie who joins us on cajon for many songs during our shows. Both groups rehearse once a week for a couple of hours and perform regularly. On a side note, both "Lady Cove" and "Trinity" are Newfoundland place names. We certainly do have pride of place up here on the east coast!

In my free time, I teach in my private studio. I offer one-on-one guitar and piano lessons to a few highly committed adults (who actually practice!) and senior students who have graduated out of The Munchkin Music Factory.

Tell me about you!

So...enough about me...what about you? I want to hear all about it. Please take a moment and introduce yourself by leaving a comment. Where are you from? What do you do for a living? Are you a teacher? If so, which discipline and grade levels? Is music education important for you? Why or why not?

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